There was a time when no woman would have dreamt of wearing tailored trousers.
At that same time, no tailor would have ever thought of a slim fit men's jacket.

Those years, when the total look was a market imperative, were the years in which Fabio Gatto entered and grew in the profession, a fashion visionary and precursor of the times who believed that specialised production was a driver for success. With the women's trouser designed for Peserico he gave new life to the female body, enhancing and bringing out its shapes. Elasticated fabrics in a very high quality tailored garment, able to enhance anatomical shapes instead of simply retracing the proportions of a standard size. On the other hand, with the jacket designed for Tonello he stimulated the demand that was growing in those years for a new fit for men with long, sculpted lines.

Fabio Gatto is a romantic who has turned his passion into a career. This passion has given strength and consistency to his ideas: curiosity to rewrite the rules, perseverance to reinvent the canons, vision to conceive models capable of standing out because they are in tune with customers and the market, to the point of understanding, before everyone else, changes in taste. Expectations and desires that remain hidden unless they find space for expression. And thus these spaces dedicated to stores, products and design were created.

This is Fabio Gatto. An empirical idealist who experiences the present as a springboard to the future, to anticipate change.


Innovation applies first and foremost to oneself. At the beginning of his fashion career, Fabio Gatto partnered in the commercial development of important Italian fashion brands. This was the period when he acquired product culture and sensitivity to the customer, because it is during discussions, exchange and direct contact with the customer that the most precious insights are generated. From this privileged perspective, Fabio Gatto had an insight for the fashion-company system that was simple but revolutionary at the same time: to create lasting value, it is necessary to be specialised and communicate a unique design vision to the whole chain, from the choice of fabrics and yarns to visual merchandising. The fashion that goes beyond current trends starts with contents and achieves success thanks to skills. The conceptual idea must be articulated and distributed across all stages of product development and life. In this perspective, even the role of sales personnel is crucial, telling customers about the product and understanding their needs and desires. This is how purchasing choices gain strength and meaning for the individual.

The approach


Have the sensitivity to fill the gap that many times is encountered between the idea, its realisation and its commercial results


Working as a team: designers, pattern makers, intermediaries, retailers, buyers, marketing and communication staff


Plan, Do, Check, Act: Verify the validity of ideas in the store with customers


it is life and must be enjoyed as such, in a stimulating and unusual environment

The Fabio Gatto studio follows the design and the development of the garment ideas, the intermediation and sales in Fabio Gatto's brand stores.

These phases are not separate moments but are closely related: the product can only express its essence through expert communication that sufficiently describes its origin, forms and the idea.

In Fabio Gatto stores the purchase becomes an experience. The customer is welcomed into an engaging and evocative atmosphere. Sales personnel knows the story of each product and accompany the customer along a path of research and experimentation.


01 What it does for the product

Researches innovative stylistic solutions and experiments with new materials, respecting the identity of each brand but maintaining an open and creative vision. Focuses on innovation, attentive to inputs from buyers and the public.

02 What it does for production

Constant attention and uninterrupted dialogue with the Customer allow the consulting studio to identify the weaknesses of the project and transform them into strengths. Critical inputs for pattern makers and designers, who transform revolutionary ideas into actual products.

03 What it does for the market

Four brand stores and a widespread distribution network throughout Italy. The store is both the test bench of the proposal and the starting point for creating something new and dynamic, always in line with customer needs.

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