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Hands-on experience and widespread market presence were the conditions that allowed a consulting office to be set up that works on projects right from the start, carrying out research, experimenting with materials and creating designer wear.

The office was set up to meet requirements that had emerged from intermediation and sales, and seeks to bridge the gap that often exists between an idea, bringing it to fruition and the process of bringing it to market. Teams of designers attentive and receptive to the stimuli and feedback coming from buyers and the public work on brands created and developed entirely within the Fabio Gatto supply chain and other outside brands.

After a meticulous study of the individual case, a variety of proposals is made taking into account both contemporary trends and market fluctuations, and careful consideration of the history and identity of the brand. The objective is to reach the public and meet its needs and to create up-to-date designer wear that grows and changes to suit consumer requirements.


The space set aside for intermediation features architecture with a heavy materiality inserted into natural, lightweight, slender elements.

Here every collection has its own independent space and dedicated area, which respects the identity of each brand and is designed to encourage dialogue and make the goods eye-catching. The atmosphere created within, fostered by the interplay of light and interweaving of contrasting materials, forms the ideal framework for the presentation of any collection, showing it off to its best advantage.
The close proximity of workspaces means salesmen communicate directly with the style department. They have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects

the goods and are therefore in a position to pass this knowledge on; more importantly, they are able to listen to and understand the customer’s experiences and pass these on to the designers, thereby contributing to greater awareness of market performance during the design stage.
The showroom features a vast array of different types of brands and horizons of expectations. This selection seeks to find solutions for all occasions by proposing all the various elements that make up an ideal wardrobe.


A widespread distribution network introduces, proposes and promotes designer clothing throughout the entire territory.

The shops are not only the arrival point of a product, they also represent a testing ground and as a result, the starting point for the creation of something new and dynamic, which consistently reflects customers’ requirements. They represent the centre, the point where ideas and the public come together.
The points of sale form the basis for the distribution of all the brands making up the highly diverse and multi-faceted Fabio Gatto organisation. Here an assembly of diverse, well-portrayed goods are presented side by side in a space that facilitates synergism, where the main strengths of every collection can come to the fore.

The aim of the shops is to provide a service that is strategically positioned between supply and demand. Understanding speed efficiency: buying as an experience rather than an act; the customer feels part of a compact supply chain that is based on trust and knowledge of the product, the success of which depends on the continuous exchange of feedback between all stages.
The basic concept and general organisation are common to all the points of sale and form a well-defined format, though every shop has its own spirit and specially designed image. They are receptacles that can be replicated, for contents that are linked to the specificity of the location.


Via G. Marconi, 1
Tel.+39 0438 411867



Via Indipendenza, 6/8
TREVISO – Italia
Tel.+39 0422 419983



Piazza Brescia – Via Bafile, 265/C
30020 – JESOLO – Italia
Tel.+39 0421 381686


Calle della Mandola, 3799/3804
VENEZIA – Italia
Tel.+39 041 2411611


After observing the fashion industry for years from a privileged standpoint,
Fabio Gatto decided to leave behind his safe,
enviable job to undertake a new path.

After identifying the market potential and comprehending its shortcomings, he chose to start again from scratch with the product. He started to collaborate with others seeking to answer the questions of a structure that was continuously changing, aware of the present but with a keen eye always on the future. Curiosity, courage and a certain recklessness led him to explore the system horizontally, initially by becoming aware of and then involving himself directly in the main stages of the supply chain: design, intermediation and sale.

Consistently maintaining a balance between safeguarding the motivations for designer wear and listening to customer requests, Fabio Gatto built up and co-ordinated a complex organisation for producing collections which has three basic intersection points: creation, communication and distribution. Consulting was the means by which to develop ideas, intermediation to transfer the results and a network of concept stores to present the results of this articulate process to the public. This in short is the Fabio Gatto organisation.

This vibrant organism could not help but be open to ever new, ambitious experiments. Experience in the retail trade became a format and was proposed as a model, which connected retailers with the firm, fostering mutual trust based on the exchange of information and skills. The objective was to create synergistic relations aimed at establishing an ideal dialogue between the concept and its recipients: choosing a product because of the message it conveys, for the attitude it communicates and the emotion it transmits.





Gruppo Fabio Gatto
Via Piavesella, 7
31020 Fontane di Villorba (TV)
t.+39 0422 911607

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